MEN: Short Term Groups and On-going Groups

Whether we will admit it or not, we as men need other guys in our lives. Guys that know us, support us, keep us on track, and chase us when we lose our way. These kinds of relationships take time to develop. LSCC men's groups are a place for you to get to know other guys with the hope of building these kinds of relationships. And know this, you have something to offer other guys. God has hardwired for that. Are you ready? 

Guys like options, so here you go. Check out the groups below or simply fill out a short form describing a group you are looking for. A leader will reach out to you and tell you how you can get connected with a men's groups. Click here for the form. Or check out these group opportunities below. Still have questions, contact Patrick, Small Groups Pastor text/email

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Men's Short Term Groups

Here are some options for the fall. 

Followers Made

This six-month small group experience challenges individuals to move from being a fan to a follower of Jesus through cultivating a deeper relationship with Him along with discovering the calling He has given to each of us. A new group is starting this spring. Click on this link for more info Followers Made


Conquer Series

The Conquer Series teaches men everything they need to know about the battlefield, the enemy, weaponry, military strategies and scientific facts that shed new light on how to be men of sexual purity. For more info or to register, go to


On-going small groups

Band of brothers 

Tuesday nights, 6:30 pm. LSCC Cafe. This group focuses on sexual purity and support for men. We are currently going through a study called Faithful & True as we meet to keep sexual purity a priority in our lives. Through this study, our group gains awareness in understanding the nature of sexual issues and how to find healing.For more info, contact Hal Perdue 816-304-7658 or 


Men in Training (MIT)

Thursday mornings, 6:30 am. LSCC Café.  The purpose of MIT is help men discover who God made us to be and how we are to live out God’s calling. Currently, we studying the book of Ecclesiastes and will use Why Everything Matters by Phil Ryken as a reference. During this study, we will discuss how we can make the most of our day to day lives. For more info, contact Doug Brown


start your own group?

If you know a few people and want to start your own group, click here. We'd love to explore this idea with you.