Ready to take live out your faith outside the walls of LSCC?

From 'Live Out Loud Days' to 'Quarterly Live Challenges'. We've got your covered right here. But don't let this list limit what you will do!

Live Out Loud Days

Live Out Loud Days are on the 3rd Saturday of each odd numbered month. What do we do? Well, here's the scoop: Head to LSCC at 8:30am on the Live Out Loud Day. From there, we’ll mobilize into the community to the Live Out Loud destination we have scheduled. We’ll wrap up at around noon. This is a great opportunity for singles, families (children elementary aged and older too!) and small groups to reach out into the community! Why not make Live Out Loud Days a part of your regular routine?

March 15 - White Ridge Nursing Home and Hillcrest Thrift Store

May 17 - Single Mom's Car Care and Hope Faith

July 19 - BBQ at Coldwater and Pro Deo

Sept. 20 - Single Mom's Car Care and Hope Faith

November 22/23 - (Serve Our City) Thanksgiving Baskets

Quarterly Live Challenges

Small groups, families or individuals are encouraged to participate in a Quarterly Live Challenge. These are on your own time and schedule. We just asked that you share your experiences with our Live Out Loud Team with pictures, video, testimony of how your act blessed others and gave God the glory! Send information to Tim Luke at

Spring Challenge - Yard Cleaning

If you have a neighbor or friend who needs help with their yard, we encourage you or your home group or friends to adopt a yard or two to bless the owners. Maybe mow their yard, clean up debris from winter, pull weeds, add potted flowers. 

Summer Challenge - Neighborhood BBQ

A great way to get to know your neighbors to have a party with food. Invite your neighbors to come to your BBQ and have fun being creative with it. Put invitations on the doors. Build excitement and have fun! Get your kids involved, too. Kids love meeting new friends.

Fall Challenge - $100 Pay It Forward

LSCC will give $100 (if you or your group would like to pitch in the $100 yourselves, that's great too!) to 10 different groups or individuals to bless someone in the community. Examples would be buying someone's groceries, gas, school supplies or other need. Be creative and see how far you can stretch the money!

Winter Challenge - Encouragement Cards or Shovel Snow

Encourage one another with an encouraging note or card. This could be a friend, someone serving in the military, or just anyone you feel needs encouragement. Or, the next time it snows, shovel a neighbors driveway - especially one you know needs help with it.